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The Magician 

We often see the magician standing at a table with items representing the four suits of the minor arcana before him (in the case of the Rider-Waite-Smith tarot Cup, Wand, Pentacle and Sword) showing he has all the resources he needs to create the future he desires. Indeed willpower and the ability to use your skills that you have learnt are a common theme in this card.  
There is greenery and flowers all around the card showing growth and creativity. With one hand raised to heaven and one pointing to the ground he is symbolising his ability to turn inspiration and imagination into reality. The lemniscate over his head is a symbol for infinity - perhaps alluding to his ability to think in all directions and that there is no limit to what we can achieve. 
In The Runic Tarot we see the Magician pointing upwards towards the rune of Mannaz which is the rune of the rational mind, intelligence, structure and consciousness. A very strong looking figure, full of confidence and a leader.  
What does the cockerel on his shoulder signify? Perhaps it represents a wake up call? Or perhaps a warning not to be too full of yourself and let others “crow” for you… 
The Runic Tarot 
The John Bauer Tarot deck is very unusual and doesn’t normally fit in with standard images that we associate with the traditional decks. In the Magician card you can see a figure kneeling with three dark birds sitting on his shoulders. He has a hand on his sword and looks ready to fight, or is certainly wary and preparing himself for the unknown.  
He is looking to the right so is looking towards the future and perhaps the three birds represent the different skills he has accumulated over the years, they certainly seem fairly comfortable there and appear to be regular companions. Could this mean that he is able to achieve whatever he wants if he utilises his skills? 
The Magician in the John Bauer tarot 
The Magician is astute, a good problem solver, he has a way with words and is confident. The magician is charismatic and able to influence others, inventive and often has great dexterity. 
When this card turns up in a spread (especially in the present position) it often means that now is the time to embark on a new project, utilising the skills you have learnt. The card for the salesperson, the magician can be very persuasive but sometimes can be manipulative and self centred. Very focussed and a formidable force to be reckoned with. A card that reminds us that we have all the resources we need and are able to achieve great things if we only believe it in our selves and often the greatest enemy we have to face is our own self doubt. 
Next week - The High Priestess 
The Morgan Greer Tarot 
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