The History of Bizarre Magic 

Bizarre Magic is a relatively unknown field of performance art and there are very few practicing bizarrists today. 

Tony Andruzzi 

This was the name adopted by American professional magician Tom Palmer. He created the persona Masklyn ye Mage and wrote many books on bizarre magic. 

Tony “Doc” Shiels 

Tony lives in Cornwall and is also an artist. Between 1970 and 1974 he performed as Doc Shiels: Wizard of the West”. He was involved in a series of “monster-raising “exploits in 1976, which gave him considerable media attention, particularly when he began “invoking” the monsters with the aid of a coven of nude witches! He considers himself an artist first and foremost and continues to paint and have exhibitions, but it seems his hell raising days of bizarre magic are in the past. 

Eugene Burger 

Eugene was based in Chicago and was close up magician, mentalist, philosopher and an influential figure in bizarre magic - running a very successful theatrical seance called “hauntings”. He wrote many books on the performance of close up and bizarre magic and was regarded by many as one of the best close up performers of all time. 

 Dark Parlour 

Close up bizarre performance for parties, corporate events, halloween & more 

 The Secret Room 

A unique style of mini performances for small groups 

 Cabinet of Curiosities 

An intimate formal performance for small dinner parties 
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