Alex Crow is a Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy and Hypnosis, but he is also a professional entertainer! 

As one of the top Mentalists in the UK he travels all over the world performing at corporate and private events. His approach to training is thought provoking, interesting, interactive and engaging. Many of the strategies he uses in the training are based on techniques he has used over the years to overcome personal adversity. 
Alex offers full or half day training packages, which can be broken down into bitesize workshops, which can be delivered virtually if required. 

Training & Workshops 

Stress and Resilience Workshop Programme 

Part 1 - The Essentials 

A 90 minute workshop on building resilience and proactively preventing and dealing with stress, that ensures you have the most effective workforce, with less lost days due to sickness and a more focussed attitude to work. 

Part 2 - Further Techniques 

Following on naturally from part 1, this 90 minute workshop gives the attendees further techniques, tips and exercises for identifying, preventing and managing stress as well as building resilience. 

Resilience & Beyond Workshop 

A New Workshop that follows on naturally from the stress and resilience workshops that gives the attendees the tools and resources they need to create the future they want. A 90 minute interactive workshop that supercharges resilience to create an adaptable, unflappable skillset to reach your goals without stress 



Some people find it difficult to just sit and think of nothing and find their minds wandering, fidgeting and worrying about how much longer they have to do it for. A guided meditation is a great option where you listen to someone taking you on an imaginary journey (usually to a forest or beach) with sounds to help transport you away from your troubles. There are plenty of free guided meditations on the internet but here is a very simple one that Alex runs in my workshops that you can try. 


Essentially Mindfulness is about becoming aware of the here and now. Learning to ignore the destructive thought patterns which permeate our every waking moment. It is increasingly being used in the health service and education and is starting to be used in business environments too. It is particularly good for dealing with anxiety, stress, depression, as well as enhancing productivity and creativity. It is also brilliant at building resilience. Here Alex has created a mindful breathing exercise that is one of many mindfulness exercises covered in the workshops. This short (6 minute) exercise is best practiced daily. 


I am glad to share that everyone has given me a positive feedback. They all are really relaxed and thoroughly enjoyed the session. When they see me they only speak about the session and what they have learned yesterday. It was really helpful. 
Krishna Preethy GSPlus 
Alex provided an excellent service, he was extremely flexible and accommodating with regards to the times of the sessions which was much appreciated when trying to factor in all shift patterns. The workshop was really informative and we had excellent feedback from employees about the impact this had on them individually and the resources shared after the event have been used by participants to enable them to continue with the tricks and tools Alex discussed as part of the session. Thank you Alex. 
Becks Williams (Vanderlande) 


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