The Dark Parlour 

The only one of it’s kind, The Dark Parlour is a complete theatrical set-up that Alex has devised for corporate events and private parties. 
In a room set aside from the main party, lit only by candles with the smell of incense, Alex awaits his visitors, ready to show them some of the strange objects on his table. The anticipation is high as they ready themselves to be thrilled, unsettled and amazed by The Bizarrist! 

 Will the guests make the right choice between the shrunken head, the stuffed monkey’s paw and the bones?  Will they be able to identify the killer clown?  Will they choose the correct Tarot card in the bizarre ritual?   

With tales of murder, ghosts, witchcraft, voodoo and more, this is a great talking point for any party or corporate event. 


How does it work? 
Alex will be set up in an area with a large table decorated with skulls, candles and weird artefacts. There are four chairs in front of the table and during the course of the event guests sit down to witness 10 minutes or more of weirdness. 
Does it have to be four people sitting down? 
No, quite often there will be just two or three people at a time 
Can people come back for more? 
Yes, that is one of the great things about the Dark Parlour, Alex has many things to show and is more than happy for people to come around again and again! In fact most of the time that Alex works the Dark Parlour, he has a queue of people waiting in line to “have a go” 
How long does the performance last? 
A minimum of two hours, but often Alex will be there for the duration of the event. 
What do we need to supply? 
Ideally a six foot long table and five chairs (Alex can provide a table if required but it is easier if one is at the venue). Alex provides all of the rest of the “set decoration” 
Does it have to be in a separate room? 
No, Alex has used the Dark Parlour successfully at the back of a large ballroom at an awards event and on a small purpose built stage in a conference centre at a conference dinner for 2000. It works equally as well in a small house party. 
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