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The Lovers 

In the Rider Waite deck we see a naked man and woman and between them an angel spreading his wings floating on a cloud in front of a sun. Is the angel giving its blessings to this union? Perhaps saying the true love is the highest state that can be obtained by the human race?  
The nudity of the pople in the scene could indicate that we can only be truly vunerable with those we love. The apple tree with the snake behind the woman is representative of the story of adam and eve and the temptations that we all face at one time or another in our lives. The tree aflame behind the man could represent our passion. The mountain in the background perhaps alluding to the fact that the path can sometimes be hard and at times seem unattainable 
But this card talks about a lot more than love and romance.. 
To me it makes me think of the choices we make in our lives, wise and foolish but always with a positive intention. This card doesn't have to mean romantic love although that can certainly be one interpretation. One of the continually interesting things about the Tarot cards are the different messages they can bring to mind. 
So, this card could be talking about freedom of choice, about not falling into temptation, or it could be a celebration of love. Of course it could indicate marriage or remind us that it is not a bad thing to be able to shsow our vunerability, expecialy to those we are close to. So often we try and hide behind masks, putting on a brave face when those closest to us are able and willing to help. 
The Lovers from the John Bauer tarot deck 
The card to the left is from the Celtic Tarot deck and tells the story of Cu Chulainn standing between two women, his wife Emer and his lover Fand. Emer holds a dagger but Fand decides to give up her lover and return to her own world through a tree.  
So this card perhaps illustrates the choice between martial love and an affair. So, the theme of temptation and choice makes itself present again. 
On a wider theme it could mean choosing to do what is right amid the tempation of more exciting options. 
What does the card mean to you? 
Next week - The Chariot... 
The Lovers from the Celtic tarot 
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