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The High Priestess 

The enigmatic figure of the High Priestess sits upon her throne in between two pillars and in front of a veil. Mystery and the unknown are what spring to mind when I think of the High Priestess. Intuition and knowledge of that which is normally hidden.  
She is often seen holding a scroll or a book with the letters TORA visible on it - does this refer to the Torah, the first 5 books of the Hebrew Bible? Or is it an anagram of Tarot? Or does it mean something else? Another mystery! She sits between a black and a white pillar with the letters J for Jachin (action, consciousness and foundation) and B for Boaz (passivity, mystery and strength).  
She sits in front of a viel of pomegranates which symbolise life and fertility. What is behind the veil and why aren’t we allowed to see it? Or do we just need the right words to let the veil fall away and for all to be revealed? 
So, to me, the High Priestess is reminder to use my intuition and to understand that some things may be beyond understanding or they may be revealed when the time is ripe. We have a great many resources within us and many times we need to listen to our inner voice rather than other people or outside pressures. If you have a decision to make, listen to your intuition and you will know what to do. For these times, a pendulum is a great tool for accessing our subconscious and our intuitive side. 
To use the Pendulum, simply hold it and ask a question that you know the answer is "yes" to and see which way it moves. Then ask a question that you know the answer is "no" to and see how it moves then. Then ask the question that you are seeking an answer to and your intuition will move the pendulum to give you the answer you need. 
The High Priestess from The Harmonious Tarot. 
What can we do to improve our intuition? First of all we need to trust it. How many times have you been in a situation and afterwards you have said to yourself “ I knew that would happen”. Or “ I knew I shouldn’t have said that or done that”. So often we act without thinking and by taking a bit of time we can make much better decisions. 
Next week - The Empress. 
In the Manga Tarot deck the High Priestess is replaced with The Priest 
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