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The Empress 

In the Rider Waite deck The Empress is depicted sitting on a throne, surrounded by greenery and is often thought to be pregnant. She has a staff in her hand, perhaps representing her power over the material world. She has a necklace of 9 pearls (representing the planets?) And a crown with 12 stars (representing the signs of the zodiac?) There is a shield at her feet with the sign of Venus on it (Venus is a Roman goddess, whose functions encompassed love, beauty, desire, sex, fertility, prosperity and victory) and there is a river running through the card indicating flexibility and adaptability. 
This is the mother card of the Tarot - creative and nurturing. Fertility can relate to mind as well as body of course. So any new endeavour will do well under this card. Perhaps a message that an area in your life, whether that be work or social needs that nurturing care. This card makes me think of a garden - left on its own, it will grow but may grow wildly and end up becoming a wasteland, but tended with care will flourish and be beautiful. 
The Empress from the Tarot Grand DeLuxe. 
This could relate to the mother in your life whether literally or figuratively. It could relate to Mother Nature and the need to become more “grounded” or it could be that this is a good time to start on a new creative project. What does it mean to you? 
Next week - The Emperor 
The Empress from the Tarot Mucha 
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