The Stress and Resilience Workshop Programme 

Part 1 - The Essentials 

The workshop is highly interactive, with the attendees learning Mindfulness and NLP techniques and more which they can use at work and at home. Also, all attendees take away with them comprehensive notes and are provided with audio tracks of some of the exercises (as well as a special 1 hour long hypnotherapy stress track) so they can practice whenever they feel the need. 
Workshop Programme 
Exploring the causes of stress (in the workplace and at home) 
Building Resilience 
Reframing (cause versus effect) 
The three lenses (three different ways of looking at stressful situations) 
Working from home 
Bouncing Back 
Tips to avoid feeling overwhelmed 
and more 
Interactive Exercises 
Acting Mindfully 
Body scan 
Heartmath exercise 
Breathing exercise 

Part 2 - Further Techniques 

Workshop Programme 
Stress Test 
Identifying the signs of stress 
breathing exercise 
Communication and stress 
The paradox of choice 
Body language and stress 
Guided meditation 
Setting an anchor 
and more… 

Part 3 - Resilience and Beyond 

A 90 minute interactive workshop that supercharges resilience to create an adaptable, unflappable skillset to reach your goals without stress. 
Workshop Programme 
With this workshop the attendees fill in worksheets as they go, creating a roadmap for their future which they can work on and refer to whenever they feel the need. 
Although it is desirable for the attendees to have completed the stress and resilience workshops before they attend this one, there is nothing in the workshop that relies upon them doing so. 
All brand new material and exercises designed specifically to get your workforce motivated and inspired to get the future they want in all areas of their life. 
Stepping out of your Comfort Zone 
Negative Self Talk 
The Wheel of Life 
Growth versus Fixed Mindset 
Combatting the Fear of Failure 
Setting Realistic and Achievable Goal 
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